Resources on Covid for children:

Another resource to explain the pandemic to kids.



Therapy Resources:


Sidewalk Talk: free online listening to hold space for all people and all feelings.  No fixing, saving, or helping:


Statewide Emotional Support Hotline: a free non-judgmental, emotional, non-emergency support line that allows individuals with mental health challenges to talk to a peer who is trained to help:


Therapists offering $50 online sessions for those working on the frontline (e.g., healthcare professionals, first responders grocery store workers):


Open-Path Collective: directory of therapists who offer $30-60 per individual session or $30-80 for couples. The client can filter their search, such as for CBT or daytime availability. There is a one-time membership fee for $50 for the client:

Feeling Good Institute in Mountain View also offers low cost online therapy.
Find therapist online on this website: