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Taarika Foundation participated in the NAMIwalkssv virtual event on October 9th, 2021, to raise awareness about mental health issues.

The Youth of Taarika Foundation joined hands with the Youth team of Sahaas for Cause to create bite-sized educational videos about different mental health conditions. Watch this video to learn more 

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Taarika Foundation participated in the NAMI (National Alliance On Mental Illness) walk to raise money for mental health awareness. We also got to meet San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and tell him a bit about Taarika Foundation.

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Dr. Leena Khanzode spoke as a keynote speaker at Rotary Interact District 5170 to inspire their Youth/ Young leaders at their Fall Leadership Conference.

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Taarika conducted a youth mental health event in April 2019 in which we showed the documentary "Angst", followed by a  discussion with a youth panel and a panel of mental health professionals.


Leena Khanzode spoke at the mental health rally organized by the SafeSpace youth board. SafeSpace empowers young people to change the conversation around mental health issues.

Taarika foundation has been doing parent education series at Lincoln Elementary School in Cupertino, with the approval of Cupertino Union School District.

The following topics were covered:

- "Stress management in children" presented by Leena A. Khanzode MD.

- "Don't get mad, learn to manage your child's defiance" - by Leena A. Khanzode MD

- "Tech Savvy Parenting" - by Smita Thakkar MD

- "Self-esteem and the growth mindset: How to learn from failure?"- by Vidya Krishnan MD

- "Mindfulness in emotional communication" - by Vidya Krishnan MD

Feedback from the participants of the "Parent-Child Mindfulness Workshop" - conducted on April 22nd by Leena Khanzode MD

"I really liked all of the exercises that we did. I learned how to calm myself down from stressful situations, how to tolerate stress/pain, and how to be observant and how to do many things mindfully."

"Mihika and I enjoyed the mindfulness session. It helped me calm down and unwind from the daily stress. It helped Mihika with mindful eating. She experienced the flavor of the grapes much more when she was mindful. She was able to know that the person who would love here the most is 'herself.'"

 International Projects

This full day workshop was attended and well received by child counselors at Mom's belief, teachers and parents in Delhi on 7/14/2018.   

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Taarika Foundation participated in an event on June 11th 2018, to create awareness of Youth Mental Health.   

This session was attended by counselors and parents associated with Dr. Anjali Morris Foundation in Pune.

This mindfulness session for underprivileged teens to manage academic stress was conducted with the help of Ray Foundation, in Pune on 7/11/2018.  

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This session was conducted for 7th and 8th grade students at "Kids Kingdom school",  in Nanded on 7/21/2018. The topic was "how to improve communication with Parents."  The students engaged and participated well. 

The Teachers of Kids Kingdom school in Nanded, also participated in a Mindfulness training session on 7/21/2018

This seminar was conducted with the help of Dr. D.B. foundation in Latur on 7/22/2018. It was attended and well received by 250 parents and 200 children. 

Taarika would like to thank Maalvika Bhat for donating proceeds from the sale of her book "The Breadsters".

We conducted a parent and child workshop for kids between the ages of 9-12 years old. On Sunday, December 9th 1:30-4:00 pm at Joan Pisani Community center in Saratoga, California. This was to help parents and children learn kid-friendly "Mindfulness exercises in everyday life." 

More of Taarika's Works in India

1. January 16th, 2019- A talk on "Mindfulness in Everyday Life" for the college students at LAD College in Nagpur.


2. January 20th, 2019- A workshop on "Mindfulness-based on CBT for anxiety and depression in children and teens," for members of Bombay Psychiatric Society at Sion Hospital, Mumbai.


3. January 21st, 2019- A seminar on "How to teach Mindfulness to children and teens" for mental health professionals at MPower-The Center, in Mumbai.

4. January 26th, 2019- A whole day workshop on "Cognitive behavioral therapy in children and adolescents" attended by 55 mental health professionals from all over Maharastra, in Pune.


5. January 30th, 2019- A talk on "Tech Savvy Parenting" organized by Monteclaire Elementary School PTA.

6. February 6th, 2019- Talk for health care providers at GOOGLE on "Mindfulness in Everyday Life."

Taarika would like to thank all of the wonderful organizers that have helped organize these events and help us do the work to fulfill our mission!