"Stay another day; suicide awareness"

Sharing another blog by Anupama Gowri, a freshman in College. She wrote this to create more awareness, since September is " National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.”

**trigger warning: topics of suicide and self harm Suicide.

It is more than just a word. It is a word surrounding us that is pushed into silence. Too many of us are afraid to use this word. The silence builds the stigma. First of all, those with suicidal ideations are NOT...

Attention seeking




There are over 800,000 deaths by suicide every year worldwide, so it is crucial to understand the truth about suicide.

Isolation, increased talk of death, feelings of hopelessness, self harm behaviors, etc. can show increased risk for suicidal behaviors. When seeing these signs in someone, it is important to show them your support. Having one person can make a huge difference. Never minimize their feelings, because reaching out is extremely difficult. Be careful with words because phrases like “successful/failed suicide attempt” may establish suicide as a positive goal and surviving an attempt as a failure.

It is easy to feel hopeless, but you are not a burden. No matter what you think in the moment, you will not feel this way forever. Mental clarity is stripped away with suicidal thoughts so please reach out.

If you are seeing these signs in yourself or others and see immediate danger, call emergency services. There are resources to use before that point in hopes to prevent it.

An app called “My3” allows for easy input of emergency contacts, helplines, and a safety plan. A safety plan includes warning signs, risk factors, reasons to stay, and emergency contacts. Therapy, psychiatric appointments, support groups, and self care activities are important to maintaining mental health. With resources, self care, and awareness, you can help keep yourself and others safe.

Getting Help:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1.800.273.8255

If you reside in Santa Clara County

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