How to help Older kids during "Shelter in"?

Dear Parents,

Yesterday, I wrote about how to help younger kids during “shelter in”.

Let’s talk about how to help the older kids today.

A lot of the parents of teens talk about their kids being super busy when schools are in session and they have after-school activities. They want to teach them life skills before the kids are off to college, but don’t seem to find the time for it.Well, Times like now, might be giving you the opportunity to teach them some life skills. While they have this time and they are home bound with you, please take this opportunity seriously...Tell them that we are here together in this, so we have to help each other. Since most parents are working from home, they can definitely use this help.Assign them chores and responsibilities in the home.Teach them how to cook some basic meals.Show them how online banking works.Keep them in the same consistent routine and talk to them about their feelings about being in shelter in. Encourage them to share their frustrations about the current situation.

Find ways to have some fun-Go for walks Do gardening Play board games Watch shows/ movies Have them chat with their friends to stay connected.

Finally, be a good role model for them to see how you are handling the stress currently.

Here are a couple of links for you to keep yours and your family’s mental well being.

These are very helpful resources for mental health needs of children and families.…/

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