As I sit back and think about the stories I have heard from my grandparents, they remind me that human mind has a lot of resilience!!

My grand parents had to immigrate overnight giving up everything they had during the partition between India and Pakistan. They did not know if they could get to the other side safely even, during those scary times. But they took the risk because they had faith in God and an attitude of gratitude, which helped them to get through…

When I asked my grandma, how could you be grateful during those tough times, she said- “We were grateful to have each other- our family and the community”. “We were not alone”. “We got through because we were united”.

Now that I have read research on resilience, I understand even more how having “An Attitude of Gratitude” helps improve our resilience.

So, what can we be grateful for during this Pandemic:

1) Yes, being sheltered in sucks but we can be grateful to be in a safe, familiar place with our family.

2) Thank you to the technology, we can stay connected, do online schooling, work and stay entertained. Imagine during the last pandemic in 1918, people were truly isolated and felt lonely.

3) Thank you for giving us a chance to reconnect with ourselves and our family and spending more time with each other.

4) Thank you for giving us an opportunity to appreciate the luxury we lived in- abundance of products, freedom and health, that we took for granted.

5) Thank you for allowing us to put aside all the other problems, that we thought are so important and showing us what actually is important.

6) Thank you for helping us give Mother Earth get a break from the pollution we create by driving places and running factories.

7) Thank you for helping us realize that we are dependent on something much bigger than we think.

8) Thank you for the fear because it is helping me find ways to beat it- pray, meditate, exercise, take good self-care and build good habits.

9) Thank you for uniting us and reminding that “We are all together in this!”

10) Thank you for reminding us that we can face this with love and support of our community like we have done many times before.

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