Sania Khanzode

Sania Khanzode is a freshman at Homestead High School and is very interested in supporting others throughout their mental health journey as well as learning more about mental health. 

Malavika Eby

Malavika Eby is a first-year college student who plans to study Medical Anthropology and Psychology on the pre-med track. 


She loves working with Taarika Foundation because she believes mental health education is integral to empowering young people to feel healthy, whole and fulfilled. Malavika is hopeful that with enough interventional resources at a young age, we can inspire a whole new generation of people who prioritize character growth and health above status, accomplishment and more surface-level displays of happiness. 


In her free time, Malavika enjoys drawing, crocheting, dancing, singing karaoke with her sister, and writing about her interests.


Anya Deshpande

Anya is an eighth grader who loves dancing and art. She likes to help people and talk to them. She also loves to travel, explore, and learn new things. Her skills include making flyers and newsletters, and creating podcast episodes and videos on mental health. In school,  she is a part of the Leadership Class, which is her school’s active student body. 


What she enjoys about the Taarika Foundation is that it helps so many people. She really values education and the mental health field for its contributions to our wellbeing. She hopes that her contribution to the Taarika Foundation will do good for the world.

Krupa Shanware

Krupa is a junior at Monta Vista High School. She volunteers with the Taarika Foundation because she's deeply invested in public mental health and wellbeing, and enjoys learning and contributing to Taarika's goals of youth mental health.

Currently, she is president of the volleyball club and plays on varsity at school. In her free time, she loves painting, reading, and spending time with her friends.


Seerat Dang

Seerat is a middle schooler and enjoys bringing her ideas to life with determination and courage. She is intrigued by emotional health in kids and believes in enjoying every moment. She launched a monthly newsletter for Sunday School and started a series of clubs for Sunday School, focusing on learning from each other. She is also a Junior buddy in Summer Learning reading program. 

She loves sketching and experimenting with all sorts of paints and assembling many IKEA furniture pieces with a small Swedish gadget! Her recent project is a makeover for her porch. Seerat has a passion for exploring hiking trails and heading to new beaches. She can be found by the fireside with s’mores or planning for her next adventure.

Divya Venkataraman

Divya Venkataraman is a junior at Monta Vista High School with a profound passion for mental health that motivates her to advocate for emotional and mental wellness through Taarika Foundation. 


She thoroughly enjoys contributing to a cause that helps such a large audience of adolescents and hopes to both spread awareness about mental health and make a difference in peoples’ mental health through her ideas and efforts. 


Divya enjoys participating in scientific research, public speaking, traveling, piano and dance!


Soven Saste

Soven is a freshman at Canyon High School in Anaheim Hills, California. He is 12 years old, and has an older sister and a dog. He is excited to help spread awareness about mental health and to join the Taarika team.

Anika Nambisan

Anika is a voracious reader and a sophomore at Pinewood School. Other than being a bookworm and a Harry Styles fan, she is a complete boba-holic who loves STEM as well as writing.


Outside of school, she loves sports and enjoys playing with her five-year-old spoiled golden named Brownie. 


Anika believes that mental health is just as vital as physical health, if not more important. She hopes that by being a member of the Taarika Foundation she can not only learn more about mindfulness as well as spread awareness about it.

Arya Jodh

Arya Jodh is a sophomore who is passionate about advocacy for mental health. 


She hopes that she can utilize her skills and be an asset to the Taarika team by  learning more about mental health and helping educate others on mental health topics.


She also works in leadership roles to bridge equity gaps in her school district and in turn hopes to create a more intersectional environment. 


Arya also enjoys cooking, martial arts, travel, running, and taking care of animals!

Vihaan Parekh

Vihaan is a sophomore and has a natural voice that commands a room! 

He feels awareness for mental health is an important matter in the world we live in, and he's excited to play a part in spreading mental health awareness through the Taarika Foundation. 


In his free time, he loves to play the piano and tabla. He also loves to sing.


Madison Giles

As a member of Taarika Foundation’s Youth Team, Madison, a junior, cultivates creative ideas of how to raise awareness for improving mental health through the arts. 


She aspires to make an impact locally and globally by developing and executing on various arts and well-being workshops. 


She enjoys swimming and tinkering/arts & crafts.


Meghaa is a junior with an interest in raising awareness for youth mental health and generating creative outlets for stress management; similar to the goals of the Taarika Foundation. She enjoys traveling and running cross country.