Conflicts can occur at home, workplace and in society. The main reason for most of the conflicts is misunderstanding and Mr. Doubt. 90% of the conflicts can be resolved by removing the misunderstandings and doubts and if we let go 10%, we will have a beautiful relationship with everyone at home, workplace and in the society.

I had the pleasure to record nine podcasts with Deborah La Fond who is a Psychotherapist and an expert working with kids and families for more than 22 years. In these podcasts, we discussed the sources of conflicts at home, and the possible consequences of these conflicts and finally the strategies to handle these conflicts.

In the final episode, I shared my own learnings of managing conflicts with my two kids who are now 20 years old daughter and 15 years old son. During this parenting journey, I had to unlearn 4 Cs- Comparison, Criticism, Competition and Control. At the same time, I embraced other 4 Cs- Communication, Collaboration, Connection, Compassion.

I learned that I need to be the role model for my kids. Whatever I want my child to learn, first I need to exhibit that in my own behavior – walk the talk. Nurturing their body is important by offering nutritious food but nurturing their soul is equally important. Comparison, Criticism, Competition and Control drains their inner powers while Communication, Collaboration, connection, Compassion will empower them to choose and walk on the right path. Powerful parents will raise powerful kids. If I create vibrations of worry, anger and conflict at home that will make the whole family weak. It’s parents’ responsibility to make a peaceful and harmonious environment at home.

Please listen to this episode where I shared what I had to let go and what
did I embrace to resolve conflicts in my family.

My Experience With Conflict ResolutionPunam Nagpal
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