What is the Taarika Foundation?

Taarika Foundation is a 501 (c) non-profit mental health organization that that focuses on mental health in children and adolescents.

The mission of Taarika is raising awareness about mental health in children and adolescents, breaking mental illness stigma and improving mental health in children and teens in the community by:

  1. Educating Parents in the community about mental health issues in Children and Teens by conducting educational talks, workshops and using social media as platform to disseminate helpful information.

  2. Educating Pediatricians in the community to recognize mental health conditions in children and teens and treating them.

  3. Educating Teachers in the community to identify children and teens struggling with mental health issues and how to support them.

  4. Teaching stress management skills like mindfulness to children and teens by conducting group therapy sessions and workshops.

Latest Projects:

The Taarika foundation recently started a Parent Education talk series at a local elementary school in Cupertino. 

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